Bleach & Tone

Bleach & Tone

Marilyn Monroe vibes achieved through a Regrowth (6wks) or Full Head (12wks) Bleach & Tone. Achieving a warm or cool finish is all down to the toner you choose!

Paul Bingham      jeremy


Paul, Sophie and the team are easily the best colourists in the business but even they have had issues with this very time consuming and technical service.

Unfortunately expectations of a ‘Bleach & Tone’ service can be slightly unrealistic, especially for  first time bleaching! To achieve the desired blonde it can take more than one application, consequently the process can be quite aggressive and as professionals we will put the condition of your hair first.

It is important that you book a consultation in before committing to an appointment. Hair that has been colour a number of times and is in relatively poor condition will find achieving this look very challenging, meaning you may be asked to wait a month or so before the service can be carried out. This could be due to your hair’s previous colour service history i.e., highlights and even dark tones, which in some cases can cause a barrier to your hair not allowing it to life. Oh and yeah, a Full Head Bleach & Tone can take at least up to 4 hours – so be prepared for the long hall!!

Olaplex is highly recommended to use with your bleach & tone service. Kim Kardashian even quoted when having her hair bleached –

“Being blonde is a full-time job! When your hair is really damaged, if you sleep in that (Olaplex), it really works. I notice a huge difference!”